These bell schedules are under review for the new school year. Final schedules will be posted by August 24th.
Start TimeEnd TimeLength
Breakfast7:15 AM7:40 AM25 min
School hours7:45 AM2:25 PM400 min
Lunch schedules1:00 PM
Pre-K – kindergarten10:00 AM10:40 AM40 min
1st – 2nd grades10:45 AM11:15 AM30 min
3rd – 4th grades11:20 AM11:50 AM30 min
5th – 6th grades11:55 AM12:25 PM30 min
7th grade12:30 PM1:00 PM30 min
8th grade1:10 PM1:40 PM30 min
Resource Schedules1:00 PM
3rd – 4th grades8:15 AM9:00 AM45 min
5th – 6th grades1:00 PM
1st – 2nd grades1:00 PM
PreK – Kindergarten1:00 PM
7th grade1:00 PM
8th grade1:40 PM2:25 PM45 min